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Outdoor Classroom Day

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May 23 was Outdoor Classroom Day and many schools across Nova Scotia headed outside!

Outdoor Classroom Day started in London, England only 8 years ago and last year it was estimated that 3.5 million children across the world headed outside. This opportunity gives students time outside learning and connecting with nature as well as save energy by turning off our lights, computers, and projectors. Green Schools provides teachers and students with resources such as : Take Me Outside Day Support Package, Loose Parts Play Support Package, Lessons For the Garden, and Nature Scavenger Hunt. We also like to keep up to date on resources from other amazing organizations like Earth Day Canada who was encouraging Canadian classrooms to take their STEM outside on May 23rd.

Sometimes we all  just need a special date to make it happen and based on photos and stories shared on social media, numerous NS classrooms headed outside on May 23rd! Here are some of the GreenSchools that did something on the day.

At Hillcrest Academy in Shelburne, they headed outside for their read-aloud time, they did a small skit, checked their school garden, talked about the importance of their new rain barrel, and checked our school pond for signs of spring.

The Grade 5’s from Aldershot headed off to Camp Brigadoon to explore all nature has to give them. And some grade 3’s headed to their awesome outdoor space for some writing

Somerset and District Elementary students, with the guidance from Ducks Unlimited, headed to Hutt’s Marsh for some hands-on learning.

Student at Petite Riviere Elementary headed outside with their special guest Leah Jabour to be more active and live healthily!

All the students at Dr JC Wickwire Academy put their finishing touches on their new traditionally built Wikuom in their outdoor learning space with help from Todd Labrador. And the grade 4s headed out to Learn to Fish!

Students at Falmouth and Coldbrook and District took their math outside with some pretty awesome manipulatives!

Mrs. Richards had a group from Gaspereau Valley Elementary School head to Wolfville Reservoir trail to looking for adventures!

Mrs Martin head outside with her Windsor Elementary class to explore, play, and just be kids!

Pentz Elementary welcomed the Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute to introduce their pre-primaries to butterflies and butterfly gardens.

Heading outside to learn is becoming a way of life when Mr. Marshall is involved at New Germany High School, and outdoor classroom day is no exception.

We encourage you to head outside because the weather will only get warmer in these last weeks of school!

To learn more about what other amazing Green Schools are doing across Nova Scotia follow us on Facebook,  Twitter, Pinterest,  Instagram, and YouTube.

Natalie McMaster

Engagement Officer


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