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Park West Energy Efficiency & Climate Change Virtual Series

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This year, Green Schools launched a Virtual Series (suitable for grades 7+).  The Virtual Series is an opportunity for classes to meet virtually with Engagement Officers for a series of engagements on climate change, energy consumption, and of course, energy efficiency! 

How does it work?

Your class will receive 2 virtual engagements followed by an in-person engagement.

First Virtual: Climate Change

The students receive a 30 minute virtual engagement on climate change, during this engagement the students will receive information on climate change and are encouraged to start to think about it. Then students are given a week or more  to further study one of the following topics and investigate how climate change is affecting it, and if there are any innovations or solutions to help resolve what is going on the following topics: 

  • Greenhouse gas sources and quantities
  • Precipitation (ex. extreme weather or drought conditions) 
  • Water & air temperature
  • Species at risk of extinction
  • Biodiversity loss
  • Population and energy use around the world
  • Forests and deforestation
  • Ocean health 

Second Virtual: Energy Efficiency as a Solution

The students have the opportunity to share their findings, and receive a 30 minute virtual presentation on how energy efficiency can be an entry point to help mitigate climate change. Students then do a reflection piece/brainstorm/mind map (whatever way they choose) to make the connection on how energy efficiency can be a way to alleviate the issues they uncovered in their research.

In person engagement: Energy Efficiency Behaviours

Students have the opportunity to share their reflection piece/brainstorm/mind map, students receive a 1 hour visit with me and we do hands on activities measuring the energy consumption of common household items, compare items energy usage and figure out how they can make energy efficiency choices. 

In Practice at Park West School

GSNS had the opportunity to start my first series with the grade eight students at Park West School.  We chatted about global energy consumption, the effects of greenhouse gas emissions, ways climate change has affected us personally and nationally, and everyone chose a topic to research. 

~Kelsey Brasil

Green Schools NS Bilingual Engagement Officer 


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