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Parrsboro Elementary School Energy Navigators!

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Engagement Officer Tabitha Coleman met up with the Grade 6 Green Team at Parrsboro Elementary School to kick start their science curriculum learning about electricity, renewable, and nonrenewable energy sources. It was electrifying!

To learn more about electricity visit:

The students loved the presentation, especially learning about phantom/vampire power. Watch the video here:

Students shared some personal stories about how they all try to save energy at home. They talked about the three different and most common light bulbs incandescent, CFL and LED, and learned about diodes and that there are usually many diodes in one LED bulb.

Learn more about LED lighting here:

After the presentation was over the team built an enviro-battery from water, vinegar and a lemon. The enviro-battery was used to power one single diode. The students determined that the water and vinegar seemed to provide the best current for the single diode to light.

The Parrsboro Green Team also decided that they will become the energy navigators for their school! They planned to visit all the spaces in the school and find out where they can be more energy efficient. The students also decided to use their energy meter to collect data, make line graphs and present their findings on energy use around the school to Engagement Officer Tabitha when she returns.

Check out our YouTube video below to hear what the Parrsboro Grade 6 Green Team has to say about energy!


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