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Petite Riviere Elementary School garden harvest and stone soup day!

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Petite Riviere Elementary School celebrated their successful school garden harvest with their awesome stone soup day this past fall!

Each class either read the Stone Soup story or watched videos of the story. Some even learned the  Stone Soup song. Every student helped with harvesting, cleaning and preparing potatoes, tomatoes, garlic and onions from their school garden on Thursday. The ingredients were all ready when each class was called upon to add their prepared vegetables to the soup on Friday morning. The grade primaries had the very important job of preparing the stones, a key ingredient for stone soup! This year they were lucky to have homemade turkey broth made by a parent. The grade 1s and 2s also prepared applesauce for dessert. Everyone had a hand in making the stone soup, and as in the story, together we can feed everyone.  All the students were very proud as they enjoyed their soup and sauce!

The Stone Soup story can be found here: (longer) & (shorter, for younger students)

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