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Port Maitland Consolidated Elementary School tackling green initiatives!

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Port Maitland Consolidated Elementary School tackles their green initiatives both with an Environment Club and their Health Promoting School (HPS) team. HPS does not just focus on physical health of individuals but also focuses on social, spiritual, mental and emotional well-being of all in the school. Projects include schools gardens, outdoor classrooms, healthy snacks, and keeping our environment healthy. Learn more about Tri-County Health Promoting Schools: Port Maitland HPS Team has “waste” as one of their priorities, and this includes not only garbage waste but also energy waste!

Last year, School Engagement Officer Natalie McMaster presented to the whole school on where we get energy in Nova Scotia, why we need to save energy, and how to save energy at home and in school. Each classroom then worked on their energy habits for the remainder of the year. But as sometimes happens during summer vacation, the old wasteful energy habits creep back. Natalie, with the help of some students from the HPS, stopped into each classroom for a quick waste less energy refresher. Students were reminded about why it is important to save energy and also what are some very simple ways to save energy every day in their classrooms and at home. We left them with the Classroom Energy Checklist and the Energy Navigator questions so they could do a check-in to see where they need to tackle wasting less energy this year!

We also cannot forget to mention the new primary students! Natalie stopped in and chatted with them on simple ways that they can be green at home and at school every day. They were inspired to do be green after reading “10 Simple Things I can do to Help the Earth”. If you are interested in this book, click the video below!

Thanks Port Maitland Consolidated Elementary School!

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