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Portland Estates Elementary being green and learning about energy!

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Green Schools was delighted to visit a number of classrooms at Portland Estates Elementary in Dartmouth this spring talking about energy and electricity!

During the visit, we heard a number of great ideas from the students about how to save energy and be green. Being green runs deep at Portland Estates where every day is Earth Day. Teachers regularly encourage students to make good choices and consider our impacts on the environment. The beautiful recycled and upcycled art as well as pledges on the wall attest to this. Thanks to all the wonderful teachers and students at Portland Estates for making the world greener every day!

Here are some of things the students have to say about being green:

“Save water by turning off the water when you’re not using it. You can turn off the tap when you’re done brushing your teeth.”

“I will tell my mom to pick up garbage.”

“You can stop idling your car.”

“I can help the earth by taking my bike and turning of the lights. I won’t cut trees down. I won’t litter. I will clean up when I see garbage.”.

“I can help the earth by not leaving the refrigerator open. And planting new trees, and recycling cans, and less pollution.”

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