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Primary Fair

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This week I had the opportunity to set up a Green Schools table for the Primary Fair at Cape Breton Highlands Education Centre/Academy. The Primary Fair is a chance for students who will be starting school in September to come together, experience the school environment and activities and meet the other students who will be in their class in the fall.

At my table the children had the option of six different energy saving items to choose from. I asked them to pick two items and try to figure out what these things were. The items included a light switch, a smart power bar, a clothesline, a hot water pipe with insulation, a set of curtains, and a draft snake.

Most kids went right for the light switch. We talked about how next year they will wake up in the morning and go to school for the whole day. I asked them, “Do you think it’s a good idea to leave the lights on in your bedroom all day long while you’re at school?” Which was greeted by an enthusiastic, “Nooooooo!”. “Why do you think this is not a good idea?” Some students weren’t really sure, others confidently proclaimed that leaving the lights on would waste electricity.

These soon-to-be-students have at least 13 years of school ahead of them and Green Schools is excited to be part of that journey through our classroom presentations and virtual visits. By the time this class graduates in 2033 our hope is that they have a foundational understanding of where their energy comes from and how their everyday decisions have an impact on the environment. Although there’s sure to be some changes to our energy system by that time!

Shandel Brown

Engagement Officer, Cape Breton

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