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Red-themed Day at École Beaubassin!

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It was a red-themed day with the arrival of a red maple tree and red wriggler worms at École Beaubassin!

The Green Team and Green Team Leader and teacher Marie Girardeau met with Engagement Officer Josée-Ann Cloutier to learn about vermicomposting. With red wrigglers donated by previous Engagement Officer Cathy Trafford, the classroom was able to observe and learn how worms create healthy soil from food waste. The students learned how to take care of the worms and fed the worms lunch with pre-made food waste. They learned about the importance of reducing the methane gas that gets released into the atmosphere from too much food waste in the landfills, contributing to climate change. 

The team also started the day by planting a red maple tree on the school grounds donated by a Green Team member’s father, a horticulturist. They will be planting more trees this spring!

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