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River John SCORE Preschool makes Green Schools Draft Snakes!

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River John SCORE Preschool made Green Schools Draft Snakes to teach and encourage the children to have better energy saving habits!

Engagement Officer Tabitha Coleman spoke with the children about staying warm for the winter. The children then went to the window to feel for drafts of cold air. When asked if it felt cold, they replied “Yes”. Two sample draft snakes were laid on the ledge up against the window and the children were asked again if they could still feel the draft. This time they said “No”. They discussed how we can all save energy (heat, etc.) when we make good choices, and how using a draft snake is one of those ways.

The children were divided into small groups at tables and couldn’t wait to get started with the stuffing of their very own draft snake! They were instructed to fill a long sock with rags from old t-shirts and other scrap textiles, and they even got to personalize them with special colours, patterns, eyes, nose, mouth, and names.
When they were finished, the children wrapped their snakes around them and were asked if they felt warm, “Yes!” they all replied. Then, without any prompting whatsoever, the children went to the window to place and pile their draft snakes on the ledge. When asked what their draft snakes were doing and they said, “Saving energy!” Mission accomplished!

Another important lesson for wasting less! Saving and wasting less is not just heat/energy. Wasting less energy can be connected with everything we do every day, and we reduce our carbon footprint by reusing too.

Did you know that although 7,000 tonnes of textiles are recycled annually, another 30,000 tonnes are still sent to Nova Scotia landfills every year?

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