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Riverside School Kicks Plastic Pollution!

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Riverside School just joined the Green Schools community this winter and we are happy to have them on board! This school, located just outside Sydney, has participated in the Plastic Bag Grab Challenge for the past two years, and this spring was no exception. Students collected single-use plastic bags and brought them to school. They really added up! This little school collected a whopping 31 607 bags! Considering that 91% of global plastic is not recycled, the amount of bags that Riverside School collected is significant. The bags were taken to Walmart where they would eventually be properly recycled. The participants in the Challenge made a huge mural in the shape of a whale using all the bags they collected. This sculpture represents all marine animals that are harmed by ocean plastics.

During my first visit to this school, I was impressed by the knowledge the grade three class had around environmental issues and action we can take to have a lighter impact on the Earth. They showed me that they knew that turning off the lights saves energy and that climate change is impacting habitats for many animals, especially those that live in the Arctic.

Environmental education at school not only helps students to develop environmentally responsible behaviour, but studies show that kids share their knowledge at home with their families and this can change household behaviour. So Riverside School’s efforts to waste less and become more sustainable don’t just influence students, they help the entire community of Albert Bridge become more sustainable, starting with their kids. 

~Shandel Brown
Engagement Officer, Cape Breton

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