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Sacred Heart Environmental Club solar panels!

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The Environmental Club at Sacred Heart School in Halifax is a dynamic and motivated force determined to make their school greener!

One of the projects the students and their Moderator Linda Davis took on last year was to build their own solar panels. They partnered with If You Build It and the Ecology Action Centre to build two 12-volt photovoltaic panels. Engagement Officer Anna-Sarah Eyrich and Dalhousie student and If You Build It member Andrew Quigley joined the team after the students’ last exam on December 17th as they completed the final part of the solar panel project.

They students, now experts at soldering, worked with Andrew to wire the panels and connect them to the battery. Once connected, the students put the panels in the windows and, although it was a very overcast and grey day, they were still able to draw some power! They are still deciding what their panels will power, and they already have a lot of great ideas.

What is next for this busy group this semester? Stay tuned!


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