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South Queen’s Middle School outdoor space development!

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South Queen’s Middle School is a beautiful new school on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Students and staff are settled in on the inside and are now ready to make their outdoor spaces more user-friendly for both play and learning. Currently there is a basketball court, a few picnic tables, five raised garden beds and some large rocks for landscaping and sitting.

School Engagement Officer Natalie McMaster presented some outdoor space options to each grade. Once the material was presented, students took a survey to pick what they would like to see in their outdoor space. Their top choices were edible trees and bushes, logs and rocks, and a group seating area.

A committee of students and interested staff members was formed to put a plan in place. Their first step was to survey the physical and environmental features of their school grounds and understand how it is being used during the day. Their next step was to have Rhea Dawn Mahar, a School Ground Green Consultant from Evergreen visit their school. Rhea was able to share pictures from other schools across Nova Scotia and then the students went to work designing their new outdoor spaces. There was no shortage of ideas from the five students who were working on the plans. The next step to to finalize a plan and see if there are some simple things that could be accomplished this spring. After the plan is finalized the projects will be prioritized and additional community members will be encouraged to join the committee.

South Queens is located in the middle of Liverpool and will provide the perfect gathering place for the whole community after school hours. Way to go South Queens!

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