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South Queens Middle School’s 2nd Annual Holiday Fundraiser!

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South Queens Middle School’s 2nd Annual Holiday Fundraiser was another huge success!

The goal was to have some fun as they raised money to be able to do more free extra-curricular activities throughout the year. To raise funds there was raffle tickets for local seafood, a silent auction, tree cookie ornament sale and the much-loved bake sale. The rest of the activities were free such as face painting, cupcake decorating, SQMS band performances, a coffee house and a visit from Santa!

The Green Team and Engagement Officer Natalie McMaster hosted an upcycling craft room that was a huge hit. Visitors had a choice of making a ‘gift of time’, a 3D snowflake or a Christmas tree craft.

Instructions for the upcycled 3D Snowflake can be found here (this group used an old science book from the school!):

Instructions for the upcycled Christmas trees can be found here:

The ‘gift of time’ was a toilet roll gift box with a slip of paper saying what the gift giver was going to do with the recipient. For example, have a picnic, dress up and have a fancy dinner at home, go for a walk in the woods, play a game, volunteer at a community supper together, etc. This gift typically has a small carbon footprint and is a great way to give acts of service or quality time as special gifts.

Instructions for the upcycled toilet roll gift box can be found here:

A few students even made each craft! Supplies of old ribbon, magazines, toilet paper rolls, cards, and textbooks were collected from the staff and parents of the students. Awesome holiday fundraiser SQMS!

Also visit the Green Schools Nova Scotia Pinterest page for other great ‘green’ Holiday craft ideas:

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