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St. Andrew Junior School has big green plans!

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The Grade 7 and 8 Green Team members at St. Andrew Junior School have big green plans!

The Grade 7 group shared some of the initiatives that they wish to achieve this year, and they include Lights Out campaign with signage for their light switches, more recycling bins and signage, a Litterless Lunch Campaign, Hat Day or Wear Green Day.

With their interest in a Lights Out campaign, they learned about carbon footprints and looked at other ways to save energy in the school, including items that draw vampire or phantom power. Click the links to watch videos about carbon footprints and vampire power:



They looked at appliances within their meeting room, such the TV, microwave, lamps, etc., using a watt meter and came up with ideas to reduce energy usage, such as more energy efficient light bulbs for the lamps.

The Grade 8s also have some awesome initiatives in store, including help build and fundraise for an outdoor classroom so they can leave a legacy of their time at the school. They also want to promote local foods through activities like local farmers taste testing, address litter on the school grounds by organizing a cleanup schedule, work on monthly bulletin board themes, plan events for Earth Week and a potential in-school contest.

Click HERE to learn about local Nova Scotian foods!

Each group discussed their goals at length and they learned about how other Green Schools are currently achieving and working toward similar goals. We’re looking forward to seeing these Green Teams in action!

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