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Students in Nova Scotia are learning about energy efficiency, and how to mitigate climate change

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Spring is here, and Green Schools NS Engagement Officers are visiting schools to encourage students to reduce energy consumption, waste less and be sustainable every day! Central/Northern EO Pam kicked-off the school-visiting season by visiting both Shubenacadie District School and Winding River Consolidated School.

In Shubenacadie Pam was able to talk to all the students in the school! And have the opportunity to teach them about energy, and energy efficiency.

Pam spent the rest of the day over in Stewiacke at Winding River. While at this school, Pam visited Ms. Lindsay Cumming’s Grade 4/5 class and the focus of the conversation was what they could do to conserve energy and be efficient with the use of energy. The class was shocked to learn that incandescent Christmas lights used more than 120W for one strand, and they heated up so quick! The students liked how the LED light bulb used only 9 Watts, didn’t heat up, and would last many more years, compared to the incandescent light bulb!

Pam ended the school day with Ms. Michaelle Isenor and Shan King’s Grade 1 classes, teaching the young students how to save energy and help the Earth for Earth Day! They were all excited to be “Green Monsters” and help the planet, especially the animals who live here!

Pam had a great day visiting students-hearing their green ideas and stories-and is excited to visit your school this spring! All students in Nova Scotia have the opportunity of reducing energy consumption and reduce climate change. 


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