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Students learn how simple changes can have a large impact on your energy usage

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On April 29th, our Engagement Officer Pam visited the students at G. R. Saunders Elementary School in Stellarton. She visited Tammy Fortune’s and Sarah Galvin’s Grade 3 classes to talk about Energy, Plants and Magnets! Students tested out devices with some energy meters, including a hairdryer, incandescent lights, LED lights, and even a clothesline! One student told the group, “When we eat plants, we get that energy from the sun!” as plants use the sun’s energy to grow! That solar energy sure is powerful!

While there, Pam also visited the Grade 5 and 6 students in a large group, to learn about Energy and Climate Change. She talked about how when we make small changes to waste less energy we reduce the impact of climate change. Simple things like turning out the lights and using natural light during the day, and using a clothesline and/or drying rack instead of the dryer can make a big difference while helping our families to save energy and money, all while helping the planet at the same time! Volunteer students in this group also got to test out the energy meters, and were shocked to see how a hair dryer can take more than 1200 Watts, while a clothesline takes “0” watts and works to dry our clothes! One of the Grade 3 students mentioned how their family has a drying rack at home right beside their washing machine, and that they use their rack instead of the dryer to dry their clothes!

Efficiency NS provides some great services, including their Efficient Product Installation Service, where they can replace incandescent lights with LEDs, and other great green products. All of the students received a 100% off Coupon for Efficiency NS, so their families can take advantage of their great services! Give them a call at 1-877-999-6035

When it comes to being energy efficient and helping the earth, no one needs to be perfect, we simply need to all try our best!


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