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Students Learn How to Save Energy!

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Green Schools NS visited Bridgeway Academy at the Dartmouth location. This school has a great feeling of community! The teachers and students work together and demonstrate admirable unity and strength. Engagement Officer Colleen Freake was invited by the Head Teacher Stacey Desrosiers to demonstrate energy efficiency during a school assembly.

The Green Schools NS engagement provided keen students with an opportunity to get up close with examples of energy efficient technologies available, from diodes and batteries to an energy meter which was measuring electricity use of different light bulbs. The students had fun demonstrating how much energy it takes to light up a 60 Watt incandescent bulb and a 10 Watt LED bulb. All the students had the opportunity to handle these materials, and see for themselves how to save energy!

This school has plans for a garden, which offers other ways to learn outside of the classroom! A math class is planning to build the raised bed garden boxes for the school, and fundraising is underway to source materials like soil and seeds. It’s sure to be a success with staff and students alike!

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