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Tatamagouche Elementary School learn about healthy ecosystems and energy!

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On April 7th, Engagement Officer Tabitha Coleman visited the Grade 4 class and Green Team lead by Mrs. Helen Blaikie. Tabitha presented the Green Schools Nova Scotia slideshow Healthy Ecosystems and Energy. This presentation was perfectly timed as the students were visiting Shubenacadie Wildlife Park the next day!

During the presentation the students and Tabitha discussed the importance of taking care of our natural resources and talked about behaviours that help us wasting less. The students also thought of ways to protect the ecosystems that exist in their backyards and communities. The even provided examples of how to waste less in the classroom.

Once the presentation was over Tabitha hauled out her bin of vermicomposting worms and provided a show and tell. This allowed the children to explore the vermicomposting worm’s healthy little ecosystem. Tabitha also explained that these little worms are saving lots of energy by composting her veggie food waste for me. It doesn’t have to be picked up by a truck and hauled to facility for compost. These little red wigglers are composting her food waste and providing the best natural fertilizer for her garden.

Check out the short sci-fi video below of Tabitha’s little vermicomposting worms at work saving energy!

Additionally, the morning before Tabitha’s visit, the student had made masks from paper boxes and other upcycled materials. They used string, dried pasta, and other remnant items to put the finishing touches on their creations. Check out for other great ways to make a mask.

To download the Healthy Ecosystems and Energy slideshow check out

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