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Angie VanKessel

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Angie has over 15 years of experience developing and delivering fun presentations on environmentally sustainable practices through both professional and volunteer activities for a wide range of ages,  the Green Schools initiative aligns perfectly with her personal goals

As a horticulturist, she has always had a passion for the environment and sharing her nature-friendly growing with students and members of her community. Her favorite topic is soil, which may sound boring to most but she likes to say, “soil is the immune system and the digestive system of a plant” so it’s really important to keep it healthy.

When she’s not teaching about caring for the environment and the soil, Angie can be found either exploring the woods with her kids, Nick and Caroline or driving them to their many activities (Mom’s Taxi). She is also a proud mom of two retired racehorses, Pasta Vera and Fedora – recycling isn’t just for plastics and these two have proven they have so much more to offer after the track.

Angie is an enthusiastic supporter! She and her son sell lemonade to help Type 1’s cover costs to go to D-Camps each summer and they actively help out other T1D families to find the support they need to deal with this diagnosis. She also loves motivating and helping local entrepreneurs find the network to support them or sort through their ideas.

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