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That’s a Wrap! 6 week energy challenge complete!

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Watts Off Energy Challenge

We had 5 schools competing in our first ever Watts Off Energy Challenge. Here is a breakdown of what the past 6 weeks encompassed.

Each week classes were given a video to watch that explained that week’s mission. Classes set out to complete the main mission in class and were given add-on activities that would help them gain bonus points on the scoreboard.


Mission # 1: Get Energized!

Students became energy navigators and mapped their school for areas they could save energy. They also developed an energy savings plan to help put their ideas into action.

Mission # 2: Start Where You Are

Students collected classroom pledge sheets to recruit school-wide participation in Lights Off Days.  This week 100% of the classes reported that they were more energy efficient than the week before!

Mission # 3: The Invisibility Cloak: Chasing Out the Phantom Load

Students learned about Phantom Energy and took their mission to younger students. They also posted phantoms across the school to show others where phantom energy lives, as a nudge to unplug those devices!

Mission # 4: Green Heroes Amplify Energy Savings

Students made campaign posters to post around the school to promote energy saving tips! They also calculated the efficiency of an LED vs an Incandescent light bulb in the students’ homes.

Mission # 5: Heat Rises

Students  learned about how our schools and homes are heated. They turned the heat down in their  schools and hosted a Sweater Day to show that they can layer up to save energy!

Mission # 6: Energy Sources & Ecological Footprint

Students learned about non-renewable and renewable sources of energy. Students calculated their  ecological footprint as a class and brought the mission home to measure the footprints of their family and friends.


Mission Complete!

Out of the 125 possible missions, our students completed 116 of them.  The classes achieved a 93% completion rate on missions.

Classes made a staggering 69 social media posts over the 6 weeks to spread awareness on energy efficiency to others.

Students collected 549 pledges from people in their community, commiting to energy saving behaviours. This included 171 ecological footprints completed at home!


Mission Highlights

Students in grade 5/6 from Ms. Lacey Colombe at Pictou Landing First Nation School taught their school about Phantom Power, and unplugging the electronics when not in use.  Plus! They also hosted three Lights Off days with their school!

Grade 5/6 from Ms. Connie Jordan in Whycocomagh Education Centre invited their Building Technician, James Shaw, to present to the class about how the school uses energy and identify areas of waste. Now those students understand the school’s energy systems!

Grade 5/6 from Ms. Tami Peet at Ecole Grosvenor Wentworth Park Elementary gathered over 168 pledges of people in their community, committing to turn off lights and reduce energy consumption at home!

Grade 6 from Mme. Yolande at École du Grand Portage has been running a lights-off campaign during each Monday of the six weeks.

Grade 5/6 class of Nick Jeffrey in Petite Riviere Elementary hosted an Ugly Sweater Day across the entire school, lowering the temperature 2 degrees and saving lots of energy.


Teachers Corner

“It was a wonderful experience for my kids!!!!!! They are so much more informed and so very anxious to maintain what we started. And what is great is that they have started the conversation outside our classroom!!!!!! I hear kids in all grade levels responding to posters and murals we put up and are transferring their new knowledge to saving energy within their classrooms as well.  I can honestly say that we have impacted the school environment through our participation in the Watts Off Challenge!” – Ms. Connie Jordan

“The students really enjoyed the past 6 weeks. A few of my students will be making a little announcement during our assembly this afternoon about what we learned and that we actually won! They all really put their hearts into it! I am pretty proud of them!” -Ms. Tami Peet


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