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The Grand Opening: Riverside’s Knowledge Path

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October 3rd, 2021 marked the grand opening of Riverside’s Knowledge Path. The path was crafted to be both an outdoor classroom and a space for the community to come together in nature and in truth and reconciliation, providing opportunities for education and peace. 

This beautiful scenic path leads to different stations that include a sharing circle, musical garden, outdoor classroom, medicine circle, and so much more. Along the path are picnic tables each with its own map and QR code so that students can hear stories about each area. 

More schools are already excited to explore the path for their own outdoor lessons, recently a group of CBU biology students took to the path for their morning lecture.

In Green Schools engagements, we teach students across the province how to save energy and why it is so important. When our Cape Breton Engagement Officer Genaya engages with Riverside students and asks “how we can save energy?” They always say, “we can go outside on the path!” They’re right, no electricity wasted in the fresh air of the woods. Outdoor classrooms have been so useful these past two years but we can not ignore that aside from all of the wonderful benefits of being outside, we’re also doing a great thing for our earth! What a fun way to save energy! 

The path, which is located in Albert bridge, is an easy 2km hike. All of the Riverside students participated in making the path what it is today contributing gardens, painted rocks, and handcrafted decorations for every holiday. 



CB Engagement Officer


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