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The link between climate change and energy efficiency

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A new article to come out every day about climate change, encouraging us to switch our sources of energy from Oil, Coal, Gas, to renewables. Switching to renewable energy is a shift we are starting to see in the world, which is fantastic! Green Schools visit students all across the province to promote another solution that can begin with a call. Energy efficiency is currently the easiest and most effective way of mitigating climate change. It’s clear we consume energy every day, more than we need. An easy way to reduce your energy consumption is by using efficient products like LED Lighting, efficient showerheads, insulating your hot water heaters and pipes, smart power strips, and having good insulation in your homes. All these products can be supplied for free in your home, and it reduces your ecological footprint immensely. It’s estimated that we could reduce the carbon emitted from our electricity use by 45% by taking these simple steps! We don’t have to wait to change our behaviours to help with climate change. Call Efficiency Nova Scotia 1-877-999-6035 today to join the movement towards a cleaner and the more efficient world!

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