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The New Germany Elementary School Energy Navigators!

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The New Germany Elementary School Green Team is made up of a very dynamic Grade 4 class led by their teacher, Lisa Baker. In the past they have focused on lots of amazing waste activities, working closely with their amazing RRFB Education Coordinator Kirk Symonds. Just last week, Kirk came and set up a worm compost bin in their classroom!

The class has decided to add a new energy project to their list. Green School Engagement Officer Natalie McMaster visited the class and spent an hour and a half with the students. Through a presentation, a few videos and lots of chatting they learned all about energy,sources of energy, phantom power and how to save energy. The students were very engaged and very excited to look around the class to see where electricity was being used and also where energy was being wasted. This team already learned about carbon footprints so they were very well aware of the impacts choices they make every day have on the earth.

The class was broken up into three groups, and so became the Energy Navigators of the school. They enjoyed going into various rooms and looking for energy waste when unneeded lights or electronics were left on or windows were open while the heat was on. The three groups returned to the classroom and shared their findings. Next they brainstormed many great ideas on how to decrease their energy use and more importantly, the energy they waste every day at their school.

They were also very lucky because their Principal sat in on the presentation and even lead a group of Energy Navigators around the school. It looks like they’ll have lots of support when they implement some of their ideas with their whole school community. Let’s just say that they are energized to save and waste less energy!


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