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The northern schools in Nova Scotia are going green

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Our Engagement Officer Pam Chandler is on the road this spring, visiting schools all over Central and Northern Nova Scotia. During the second week of April, she visited Northport Consolidated Elementary School, a new member of the Green Schools NS community, Wallace Consolidated School, Great Village Elementary School, Debert Elementary School, West End Memorial Elementary School, Junction Road Elementary School, and River Hebert District School!

All of these schools are doing different green initiatives, with Great Village, West End and Junction Road recently hosting Litterless Lunches, Debert Elementary School planning a nature hike for Earth Day, Wallace Consolidated School getting their school gardens ready for the spring, River Hebert’s new S.A.V.E group purchasing paper straws for their cafeteria, and more. It’s amazing to see all of the green work being done in this region and so much of it is student-driven!

While visiting schools, Pam is teaching some students about Energy & Energy Efficiency, testing out different devices with energy meters, about Earth Day, and how we can all take small steps to be green! Pam’s looking forward to visiting more schools this spring, and helping the students think green!

Some of her favourite quotes from that week include:

Northport Consolidated School:

“Can we turn off the lights in here?” (we were in the gym, and we did indeed turn them out)-Gr 3


Wallace Consolidated School:

“I picked up litter today at recess!” Gr. 2

“I love Earth Day!-Gr. 1

“Clothes and sheets smell so good on the clothesline!”-Gr. 5


Great Village Elementary School:

“We have the “Save the Earth” lady here this morning!”-Gr. 1

“My mom always helps us celebrate Earth Day!”-Gr. 2


Debert Elementary School:

“I have two drying racks at home!”-teacher

“Everyone loves Sammy!”-teacher

“I will unplug my things and be “energy efficient”-Gr. 3

“I cleaned up litter at lunch today, I do that all the time!”-Gr. 4


West End Memorial School:

“I’m an Earth Range and I ALWAYS help the Earth!”-Gr. 4

“The entire school hosted a Litterless Lunch the other week, and the winning class got a “litterless pizza party!” This class won!-Grade 4 teacher, Mrs. Gillis


Junction Road Elementary School:

“My Mom LOVES the clothesline!”-Gr. 6

“We went to a maple syrup place, and they had lots of solar panels and said that they run their business off-grid!”-Gr. 6 (I found out this is Hidden Mountain Maple Farms, and they are indeed run completely off the grid)

“We did a Litterless Lunch with the whole school, and we presented to everyone in the cafeteria so everyone knew all about it!”-Gr. 5 Green Team member


River Hebert District School:

“We can talk with our families and help them make greener choices!”-Grade 9


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