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The Tides of Environmental Learning: EECOM Conference 2017

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On the long weekend in May, there was an extraordinary event hosted by Acadia University: the annual EECOM conference! It was the first hot day of the year, and it was glorious to visit the Annapolis Valley when the trees were flowering and pollinators buzzing.

EECOM is the acronym for the Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication, a national bilingual charitable organization for environmental education. The annual conference is a great opportunity to meet other educators, share, collaborate, and build a nationwide community. Keynote speakers included Dr Robin Wall-Kimmerer, Dr Boris Worm, A for Adventure, and Mindshift. The theme of the conference was “SEE Change: The Tides of Environmental Learning”. This paints an image that describes the environmental education movement as well as the incredible natural setting of the conference: the Bay of Fundy. Green Schools NS was there to participate and to engage with folks about the importance of energy efficiency. The conference was zero-waste, which was a fantastic initiative! There were many moments for teaching and learning over the weekend for everyone, including children.

Green Schools NS hosted an information table as an exhibitor, as well as facilitating a workshop called “Virtually Energized”. We had our first ever Facebook Live broadcast, which demonstrated the method we use to connect with schools from a distance. Virtual visits with schools use remote video conferencing tools, which reduces the ecological footprint of our work by reducing car trips. Workshop participants had a productive discussion about the importance of “walking the talk” of energy efficiency while delivering environmental education programs.

The EECOM conference was an inspiring event, and a great occasion to share and learn from partner organizations from across Canada!


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