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This is what Green Schools Nova Scotia is all about. Watch this new video !!

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Green Schools Nova Scotia has a new video!!  And we love it!

As part of the Environmental Education & Communication (EECOM) See Change Conference, Karlee Perry and Jessica Lake, students of the Department of Community Development at Acadia University under the direction of Alan Warner Professor of Environmental & Sustainability Studies, and following the direction of Tabitha Coleman, Program Coordinator and Natalie McMaster, Engagement Officer of Green Schools Nova Scotia with the participation of the awesome students from the West Northfield Elementary in the South Shore Regional School Board, created this wonderful video. This video captures what Green Schools Nova Scotia does every day in the schools, educating children across Nova Scotia to be conscious about the use of energy and planting the seed about environmental sustainability and wasting less energy. 

Thank you to all the participants that helped to create this amazing video, we love it. 



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