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Three Energy Efficient Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

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We are officially in Winter, a time when we need to do our best to stay warm and well. The winter season usually leads to higher bills than the summer for heating costs. Our bodies need a comfortable temperature and when it is cold, we naturally do things to keep ourselves warm and healthy. The most common thing people do to stay warm indoors is to crank the heat up a few degrees. This ends up increasing power or oil bills, depending on what type of heating systems are in place. The Green Schools Program helps our community to focus on the role of energy efficiency in a healthy future for the Earth. It is also very good for bringing down costs!

Here are some really easy ways to stay warm this winter without putting a dent on anyone’s wallet.

Layer up!

One fun thing about winter is the fact that you can wear lots of clothes at the same time, and no one would think it’s silly! When going outdoors, it is always a good idea to wear more than one pair of socks. Warm shoes that stop water and snow from reaching your toes are great for getting around. Sweaters, a thick coat, and mittens and a scarf, it’s probably going to make your time outdoors way more fun! Mittens are the best at keeping your fingers warm as they keep your fingers close together, unlike gloves. Check out this super cool video about Take Me Outside Day that shows how to choose appropriate outdoor clothing for the season.

You can also layer up in the house. If you are feeling a little chilly, it is a great idea to wear cozy house slippers and your funkiest sweater!

Drink warm drinks

I love getting home and making myself a nice cup of tea. Hot chocolate is also a great warm drink that most people enjoy. Warm beverages help relax the muscles that usually tense up when we are feeling cold, and assist with blood flow. They are also really delicious which helps with mood. When you are in a good mood, you feel better too!

Stay Active

When we spend too much time sitting and being inactive our heart does not need to work too hard to pump blood to our organs, which usually leads to us feeling a little chill at times. It is always a great idea to get up and spend 2 to 5 minutes moving if you are feeling a little cool. You can always do something you enjoy, like dancing, playing a sport you like, or simply, shaking your sillies out! I have a fond memory of visiting Tantallon Junior Elementary and the Grade 2’s getting up to dance ‘baby shark’ when they were feeling a little cool due to lack of air circulation in the building. That got them pumped for the engagement and warm too!

There are so many more ways for us to stay warm in the winter; however these three cost little to no money at all and are easy to do!

~Ruvi Mugara
Engagement Officer

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