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Top to Top Global Climate Expedition at Dr. JC Wickwire Academy!

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The Top to Top Global Climate Expedition made a stop in Liverpool Harbour! They travelled the shortest route through the Northwest Passage, an exciting but at the same time sad journey because of how quickly we are losing our pack ice due to global warming.

Top to Top’s goal is to inspire youth to save the planet through exploration, inspiration, and actions. Dario and Sabine Schworer and their five children have been travelling the world on their sailboat “Pachamama” (Mother Earth in the Incan language) for 16 years. As they travel the seven seas to the seven highest summits powered only by human and natural energy, they stop frequently to engage students to act for climate protection.

The Grade 4 and 5 students at Dr. JC Wickwire Academy enjoyed seeing pictures from all over the world and learning about how people can live sustainably. They also saw the impacts of climate change on different parts of the earth. They enjoyed getting outside and doing a microplastic clean up of their playground. It was a visit that truly inspired!

Most of Liverpool Rural High School students were equally inspired by Dario’s presentation. The high school students listened intently and are now keen to act in their own school and community. The two-minute plastic tidy of their school yard not only cleaned up their grounds but got them outside and moving. They enjoyed getting a school picture with the Top to Top banner that was once on the top of Mount Everest!

The Schworer family of the Top to Top adventure live sustainably, which is an inspiration for us all. Next they were on their way to the College of Atlantic to drop off water samples they collected in the Northwest Passage that will be tested for microplastics.  

Want to track their expedition or learn more?

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