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Transition Fair at the NSCC Akerley Campus

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On Friday, April 26th, I attended the Transition Fair at the NSCC Akerley Campus. This was Green Schools’ first time attending the fair, and I was very excited to represent our incredible program. The fair aims to showcase the different programs available to High School students who may be looking at how to transition into the next phase of life in and outside of school, how to figure out their interests as they prepare them for adulthood.

Upon arrival, I set up my table, and a couple of teachers, from Churchill School, came to my table and declared, “This will be the most visited exhibit! It looks so fun with all the lights and gadgets!” I feeling proud, flashed a smile and responded “That is the goal! Getting people excited about saving Energy.”

The day went by quickly, as I chatted with so many amazing students, parents and teachers. Discussions centred around why it is important to think about how we use energy so we can save money and also help our environment. I also got a quick visit from Vice Principal Kyle Sarka, whose school, John Martin Junior High just became a new Green School this term! I also got to chat with some of the students that remembered me from when I engaged with the NSCC Achieve program back in the fall. One student, came to my table and informed me how she does not really ever remember names, but remembered mine because I was so “groovy” and it rhymes with my name Ruvi. We had a nice laugh, and then she brought her parents over to my table and the dad then shared with me that since my presentation, she was a lot more cautious about saving water, and now took shorter showers, and encouraged the whole family to do so!

It was a fun day, and Green Schools will be attending this event in the future.


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