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Trenton Elementary School learns to live green!

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Engagement Officer Pam visited two Grade Primary classes at Trenton Elementary to share some energy efficiency tips!

The students learned some fun and cool things they can do to help protect planet Earth through a book reading, “10 Things I Can do to Help my World” by Melanie Walsh.

Pam provided a tutorial on how to make a draft snake using upcycled materials of old clothes and newspaper. Now that is wasting less energy! She provided a sample for the children to see, explaining that everyone would be given the opportunity during her visit to make one of their very own personalized draft snakes to snuggle with, and take home to help save energy.

At the end, and after the draft snakes were all done, the students put their individual unique snakes in the window, to see if it felt warmer, and it did!

Pam asked the students where they were going to put their draft snakes when they got home from school, enthusiastically they all said, “In the window!”

Pam asked why the window sill? They said, “Save energy!” and when she asked why we should save energy, they replied “To save our planet!”

For being such great listeners and helpers, students all received a Green Schools stamp before Pam left for the day. All students went away with a better understanding of how to have better energy saving habits. These students are well on their way to living green lives!


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