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Truro & Area Homeschoolers

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Truro & Area Homeschoolers

Green Schools Nova Scotia currently works with 305 schools across the province, with five Engagement Officers providing support to the schools on their regions. But did you know that Green Schools Nova Scotia can also work with home school groups?! That’s exactly what Engagement Officer Pam did on May 21st. when she met with the Truro & Area Homeschoolers group at the Truro Library. This group comes together twice a month at the Truro library, to meet and learn different lessons together.

Homeschooled families can also participate in the Green Schools Nova Scotia programs, and utilize the resources. A lot of homeschoolers have community groups that get together on a regular basis for different events, field trips, and use the Green School NS resources with success. This is a great time for these groups to book their local Engagement Officer to come and visit their students!

Pam got to meet the Truro & Area Homeschoolers, in the J. Harris Read Program Room at the Truro Library. During the visit, the students and their parents learned all about what energy is, the sources we can get energy from, the consequences of utilizing too much energy, and how to save it. A lot of the students and their parents were shocked to learn that devices can still take power when they’re turned off but still plugged in. This is what is called phantom power!

Volunteer students got to test out some common household devices with some energy meters. They learned how incandescent lights can use 60 watts (or more) and get hot quickly, while LED lights use 9 watts (sometimes less) and don’t get hot-while also lasting years longer than those incandescent bulbs! The families were pretty excited that they could get their incandescent lights at home replaced with LEDs for free by Efficiency NS! These LEDs will save their families energy and money! It’s a win-win!

One volunteer student was given a “mystery item” to test out with the energy meters. It only took the students a few seconds to figure out that it wasn’t a waffle maker, but actually a (retractable) clothesline! When they tried to plug it into the energy meter, a few laughs helped the group notice how we don’t have to plug in clotheslines! They just work with the wind, no electricity needed!

The students and their families had fun learning about energy efficiency and Green Schools NS, and Pam had a great afternoon meeting this homeschoolers group! If you’d like a visit from one of the engagement officers from Green Schools NS, simply contact us and we’ll arrange it!


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