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Truro Elementary School’s energetic Green Team!

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Later on that same day after visiting Truro Junior High, Engagement Officer Pam went to visit Grade 4 & 5 students on the Green Team at the Truro Elementary School. Ms. (Jacqui) MacIntosh organized for the Green Team students to all have an hour long presentation after their lunch break. Their Green Team has 20 students, and they’re doing some great, green work!

During the presentation Pam’s laptop died! While that was being fixed, Pam rearranged the engagement and had three volunteers come to the front of the room to test out devices using the energy meter. They tested the hair dryer, LED Christmas lights, incandescent Christmas mini-lights, and a lamp with a LED bulb and an older incandescent bulb. The students, and Ms. MacIntosh, were shocked to see the hair dryer read over 1300 Watts – that’s a lot of energy! The students were excited to tell their families and friends how little energy LED Christmas lights took, and that they don’t even heat up!

Once they got the laptop working again they talked about some great ways to save energy, such as hanging clothes on a clothesline, or on a dry rack, instead of using the dryer. They also learned that unplugging devices will help to reduce phantom power in their homes.

The Green Team students had some great questions and stories. They told Pam how they just had a successful battery recycling campaign, and were hoping to win the contest! They used social media, announcements in the school, the newsletter and more to get the word out to their fellow students and their families. They are also hoping to have a school garden in the near future, as this is a newly built school and these initiatives are all starting over time. We look forward to hearing more from Truro Elementary!


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