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Tune in to “The Heat Pump Guy: Dale Comeau’s Journey” on the Green Schools NS Podcast!

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Join us on the Green Schools NS podcast as we dive into an engaging conversation with Dale Comeau, an HVAC specialist with a passion for sustainability. From his love for dogs to his adventures in travel and golf, Dale shares his unique story and how he turned his career into a fulfilling way to see the world and overcome financial challenges.

From his educational path at NSCC to incorporating travel while managing debt, Dale shares valuable insights on sustainable living and the power of cultural exploration. Discover how he navigated personal challenges to become a confident public speaker and champion for diversity in the workforce.

Tune in to this captivating episode and gain valuable insights from Dale Comeau’s experience in the HVAC industry and his passion for creating a greener future. Don’t miss out! Listen now on Spotify. 🎙️🌍

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