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Upcycled jewelry at New Glasgow Academy!

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The New Glasgow Academy Grade 4 Green Team and their Green Team Leader Mrs. Kim Bain invited Engagement Officer to their lunch time meeting to help assist with the making of upcycled jewelry!

This Green Team is in charge of refundables at the school. Some of their refundable money is used to purchase minimal supplies/accessories to create unique upcycled earrings and necklace pendants. Mrs. Bain has been generous to lend some of her jewelry making tools to the team. Mrs. Bain introduced the idea last year, calling it the NGA Jewelry Line Trash to Treasures. The line has been a huge success, so the team is now making the items when time permits.

The team saves the juice and pop tabs from the refundable cans to make the jewelry. They also use some of the cans themselves and punch out shapes that are made into earrings. Click here to learn more:

Mrs. Bain upcycled an old door to create a display board for the team’s jewelry line. Her sister also kindly donated some Santa painted shell ornaments for the team to sell. Another great idea on how to waste less and use what we have and from nature. Click here to learn more:

The team surprised Tabitha with a pendant for her lanyard, the letter “T” from an old Scrabble board game and made me a pendant using old holiday greeting cards. The pendant sports the words Support Local. “I love my special gifts, thank you NGA Green Team!” says Tabitha.

Check out Green Schools Pinterest account to find other great ideas for your green team initiatives:


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