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Ups, Downs & Pivots

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Ups, Downs & Pivots – How Green Schools Successfully Supported Teachers in 2020/21


As our season wraps up for another amazing year, we look back at how many pivots we successfully executed and all of the positive feedback from the teachers we supported. Our Engagement Officers continuously share with us all of the inspiring ideas and sometimes hilarious questions they hear in their engagements. There have been many classrooms we have been fortunate to have multiple engagements with who we were so proud to watch develop new ideas on energy savings and go above our expectations.

Here is a tiny fraction of the positive feedback from teachers who invested class time in the Green School program:

“Scott was an amazing speaker and students were really engaged and interested in what he had to say. He was able to answer all the questions students asked and was very professional.” Hillside Park Elementary, Grade 4 / 5

“Genaya did a fantastic job using various sources of media to engage students. She proved the science, gave solutions and even offered ideas for future professions. She was very efficient communicating a lot of information clearly in just 45 minutes. She engaged students prior knowledge and did an excellent job of building upon it.” Riverview High School, Grade 12 Global Geography

“My class truly enjoyed our session. Holly did a great job breaking up her presentation by teaching, asking questions, showing a powerpoint, showing a video, etc.” Windsor Elementary School, Grade 3 / 4

“The webinar was very well done and easy to navigate . The students were really engaged and loved sharing their knowledge with Angela!” Debert Elementary, Grade 2 / 3

“I thought the presentation was fantastic with lots of discussion with students. It also hit a lot of curriculum outcomes.” OVEC, Grade 6

“Excellent and very relevant…primary friendly too!” Riverside School, P-3

“Excellent presentation!  Students were engaged.  Some students especially, loved responding to the questions via chat.  Very important, recent and relevant information for their curriculum as well.  Thank you.  I appreciate the work you placed into your presentation.”  Oceanview Education Ctre, Grade 8

“Thanks so much- a wonderful idea, presentation and super relevant content!”  Pictou Academy, 7-12 Learning Strategies/ Child Studies

We have had a fantastic year and it’s not over yet!!! We extended our program to June 16th to keep supporting teachers, students and energy efficiency! We truly love our job, sharing energy efficiency and environmental love with students from Primary to grade 12. We can’t wait to join schools again in September!

If you would like to be kept informed of the Green Schools programing and given the first opportunity in September to book with your EO, send us an email with your 2021/22 school name & location and we will add you to our outreach list!


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