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Via Vita Academy is full of energy!

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Via Vita Academy is a small school with big potential!

They have small classes, personal relationships between teachers and students, and the teachers are also administrators. There are multiple levels in each class, Preschool to Primary, Grade1-4 and Grade 5-9.

The youngest students read a story, talked about keeping warm in winter, and how to save energy. They did the Green Schools “Magic of Energy” colouring page, perhaps a bit advanced for some, but they were all very eager to colour!

The Grade 1-4 group were the Energy Navigators of the school! In a small group like this they were very self-directed and conversational, so rather than Engagement Officer Colleen doing the usual presentation, they all worked together. Students found two plugs that get used a lot when they vacuum (every day the students have chores that rotate and they work in groups on various housekeeping tasks). These students appear to be budding leaders and collaborators!

The oldest group learned from the power bar and the energy meter when they had to figure out how to set it up. The students had some good questions during the presentation and also contributed their knowledge about energy regarding renewable energy sources.

These students are really engaged learners, the teachers are dedicated and really involved with the students. Everyone knows everyone else, which contributes to a family feeling at this unique Green School!

There is a new garden out behind the school and they also have a composter. The garden is being organized by a Master Gardener, who is making the most of their small space!

Check out the blog on their website for the great outdoor education post from October 2016 which has lots of pictures of a farm in Greenwich, NS:

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