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Watts Off achievements so far!

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We are in our fifth week of the Watts Off Energy Challenge.  The students have been learning about energy saving behaviours and promoting them at school and home.  

Over the course of the last 4 weeks our 5 classes have successfully:

  • Hosted 17 Lights Off, Blinds Open days
  • Collected 373 pledges from friends and family committing to energy saving behaviours
  • Mentored younger grades on Phantom Power
  • Delivered 30 school announcements sharing their weekly mission and key takeaways with the school
  • Created campaign posters to nudge fellow students to take action on energy efficiency

Behaviours are changing!

We checked in with teachers this week to see what exactly has our students so motivated. Ecole du Grand-Portage shared “Our students are thrilled to see other classes listen to their suggestions to become more energy efficient”. The weekly missions have challenged each class to bring their learnings beyond the classroom.  We can motivate others to take action by sharing the lessons, providing helpful reminders, and challenging others to join in on the fun of saving energy.

A bilingual challenge!

We have made sure that all activities are offered in both English and French making the experience accessible for all education centres. Additionally, at home activities are offered in both languages as well.   

Students taking action on heat!

It has been a cold winter, and this week the focus is on heating systems.  The mission is to investigate how the school is heated, survey how the students feel about the temperature of the school, and host a Sweater Day.  Some people tend to feel very warm, and in response we open the windows. We want to encourage the students to investigate why windows are being left open, and develop an action plan on how we can solve the issue with energy efficiency in mind. A sweater day requires the school to lower the temperature by 2 degrees and invites students to layer up to keep warm. Students have become more aware of their heating systems and how much energy is used to keep these large buildings warm.

~ Kelsey Brasil

CSAP Engagement Officer

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