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We have a new Green Hero: Michael Braunmiller

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This week we heard of another amazing Green Hero, Michael Braunmiller. Michael is a Grade 2 student from Riverside School in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

Michael is often seen helping students understand the importance of saving energy and being energy efficient. Michael displays energy efficiency behaviours and leads by example among his classmates. He is the type of student that is always turning off lights that are not needed.

Michael loves reading and learning more every day, one of his favourite topics is Global Warming, and his preferred book is “The Last Polar” by Jean Craighead George and illustrator Wendell Minor, which talks about global warming and the impact on species like Polar Bears in the artic. This is where Michael shines in his class, he loves to read sharing his knowledge with the class daily, these conversations usually start by reading books on a particular topic.

A lot of our students will just unplug the iPad and leave the plug connected to the wall, but Michael is aware of the impact of phantom power and remind us that leaving things plugged in could be using energy unnecessarily, he knows that a power bar is a tool that reduces the use of electricity by shutting off things that do not need to be turned on.

Michael already knows that he can have a great impact on Climate Change by wearing a sweater and lower the temperature of the thermostat.

Thank you Michael for being a Green Hero, we are very proud of you.

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