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We have so much in store for our awesome community of schools in 2018-19!

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Over the summer, you may be wondering, what does the team at Green Schools Nova Scotia do? Well, we are not bored! We are always making connections with our community and sharing information about energy efficiency and wasting less.

This week, Olga Lucía visited two groups at South End Daycare in Halifax! The youngest students were amazed that they could make draft snakes with upcycled materials that will help save energy. These enthusiastic 3 to 5-year-olds discovered that when the air conditioning is on, we can keep windows closed so that our air conditioners use less energy when they are hard at work to keep us cool. And that’s better for everyone! Our draft snakes can live on our windowsills to remind us how to waste less and stop the drafts. The older children at day camp were keen to play the guessing game with historical artefacts. This game puts Nova Scotia’s energy consumption into perspective- we use a lot of electricity when we make everyday choices, so let’s make choices that waste less energy!

We are so excited about what is in store for schools across our gorgeous province. While we enjoy getting unplugging and getting outside over the summer, we are also developing an amazing program for our 288 schools in the upcoming school year. Our program has grown so much, and we will be offering our free program in more schools than ever in 2018-19! Stay tuned!

~Colleen Freake
Program Coordinator


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