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“We lead by example, our choices will inspire others.”

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There’s something I say during my engagements “We lead by example, our choices will inspire others.” I often show this video Efficiency Nova Scotia that ends with #leadingbyexample because this is something that I believe applies to everyone. When the year kicked off  I noticed immediately just how many schools were leading by example, older students and younger students working hard to show others how to be more efficient. It’s so inspiring to me. 

Students are eager to tell me all of the knowledge they’ve gained through their own research, programs they’ve discovered, and initiatives they’re supporting. They tell me about the YouTuber who has dedicated their efforts to planting 20,000,000 trees, or videos they’ve found talking about the troubles of ocean plastics, and the importance they put on using reusable water bottles. Are you interested in starting something this inspiring in your own school? We have an abundance of resources to help them get started in their own community!

Resources such as:  

Students all across the island have told me about scientific ideas and theories that they believe may help us create more renewable energy sources in the future; it’s passion and ideas like this that could change the world someday!

It’s exciting and inspiring to hear the initiatives of your school and students so if you haven’t told your engagement officer about what you’ve been planning for this year or thought about who would be a Green Hero in your school, send them a message! We love to hear all of the things you’re doing to make changes in your classrooms and schools to become more efficient. Share your stories and photos with us so that we can share and inspire others to do the same!

I know that in all of the schools I’ve visited I have been constantly inspired by the imagination and caring I see and I wanted to remind everyone that it doesn’t matter what school you go too, how old you are, or where you live, your passion and dedication will inspire others just like it’s inspired all of us! So let’s continue to #wasteless be #energyefficient and lead by example. 

Genaya Fraser

Cape Breton Engagement Officer

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