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Webinars + Chromebooks = Tech Outcome!

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Tech Outcomes and Green Schools

Over the month of January, our Northern EO, Angie, took part in a tech trial with Mr. Croft’s grade 5 class at Truro Junior High School. To add to their technology classes and support their lessons in online learning, Angie was scheduled to join their classroom 1-2 times a week for the month. During each webinar, Angie taught one of our Grade 5 curriculum based presentations (see all of our webinars here!) while each student logged in on their own chromebooks. This not only complements the technology outcomes but supports other outcomes throughout the Grade 5 curriculum.

Over the course of a month, Angie was delighted to see the students exceeding her expectations and becoming Google Meet pros! When they first started meeting there were many who forgot to join muted, who would wave or do silly things on the screen and constantly change their backgrounds – which are things both kids and grownups are known for when first joining online meetings. By the end of their time together, students logged in appropriately and ready to learn, stayed focused on screen and were comfortable answering through the chat function and by unmuting. This method gave each student a voice and helped them become more comfortable sharing their ideas.

Because the students caught on so quickly, the tech classes became so much more than grade level webinars. Here at Green Schools all webinars have an energy connection and these students became energy pros, so much so that Angie started giving energy homework at the end of each class.

  • Project #1 – Make a pledge! What’s 1 thing you will do to lower your energy use to help our planet?
  • Project #2 – What ideas do you have to help lower the plastic and energy waste in our ocean?
  • Project #3 – Create a weekend shutdown plan for your classroom! Lower your classroom’s energy use each Friday then inspire the rest of the school to try it too!
  • Project #4 – Calculate your light bulb energy use at home! Count all the light bulbs in your home and calculate the cost/year if they were all incandescent bulbs then calculate the cost/year if they were all LED. Present the difference to your grown ups and show them the yearly savings if they just switched their light bulbs! (She encouraged them to request an allowance top up with their savings – never too early to start negotiating salary).
  • Project #5 – Share Efficiency NS’ Free Product Installation Program with your grown ups so they know they can switch their light bulbs for free plus lots of other energy saving tools!

These assignments were completed with enthusiasm and then presented to Angie. During their final webinar together, the students created their own presentation to share with her. Each student created an info slide and presented it to the class through their chromebook. 

“I truly appreciate these sessions. The skills, experience and education value is priceless” – Todd Croft

If you are interested in booking a webinar to support your technology class, reach out to your Engagement Officer or email

Angie VanKessel

Northern Engagement Officer

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