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Welcome Scott to the Green Schools NS team!

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Hello! My name is Scott Ellis, and I’ve recently joined the Green Schools team. Today I am going to share the story of who I am, and why I wanted to work with youth to make the world a greener place.

At a very young age, I would regularly go outdoors to hike and fish with my father. He taught me everything he knew about the local ecology, forests, and the environment, and it stuck with me growing up.

After graduating from Hants East Rural High School in 2016, I attended the Nova Scotia Community College and enrolled in their Natural Resources Environmental Technology program. Throughout this program, I learned even more about our natural environment. I realized the actions that I take always have an effect on our planet. I decided I was going to change my ways, and become a leader in making a change. I have a quote I now live by, “Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders”, Tom Peters.

With a passion to create a safe and sustainable world, I have decided to make it my life goal to protect our natural environment through environmental education. I hope to empower every student I meet to not only make a difference but believe they can change the world and become a leader themselves. As a new engagement officer with Green Schools, I will put in everything I have to create a better environment in and outside of your school.

In the 1880s coal became the way of the future and it sparked marvellous innovation. I want to see us make that happen again through energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. 

I look forward to working with you all!

~Scott Ellis

HRM Engagement Officer


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