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Welcome to new Green School Cyrus Eaton Elementary!

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Cyrus Eaton Elementary had their introductory Green Schools visit earlier this month, and they’ve already got some great projects on the go and in the works!

Canadian Habitats was created by the grade 3 and 4 students as part of their curriculum outcomes. The students sculpted most of the figures and scenery from plasticine, other materials used included recycled cardboard and plastic figures. Items from nature such as sea glass, pebbles, moss, and twigs were also incorporated into the habitat. To learn about Nova Scotia conservation and stewardship programs, click HERE or for a great resource with lesson plans connecting students with nature, click HERE.

The grade 6 students are also working on the 2015/2016 School Challenge Project, and have been busy fundraising for this initiative. We look forward to hearing more about this, and other exciting upcoming plans such as vermicomposting with red wriggler worms, micro gardening and learning about energy efficiency!


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