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West Pictou Consolidated garden harvest meal!

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As you may have seen in the newspaper article we’ve shared to the right, West Pictou Consolidated had their garden harvest meal recently. Green Schools has the inside scoop, with Mme.Brandie Brown sending along some great photos and details!

On October 17th, the Garden Club(which consists of 19 Grade 4 and 5 students) at West Pictou celebrated their harvest by preparing and cooking awesome menus created by chef Courtney Macdonald. Chef Courtney is a chef from Sobeys and had a wonderful talk with students about the importance of growing our own veggies and being able to cook our own produce. This way we know where our food comes from. She talked about safety and then students grouped off choosing a menu that they would like to prepare and cook. After everything was cooked, students sat down to eat and sampled foods that before this experience they might have turned their nose up to. They were caught saying things like “I hate turnips but I love these turnips!” and would go back for seconds.

Michelle Langille, Kirsten MacDonald and Carrie Allan help with Garden Club each Tuesday and this day is much to their credit. Without wonderful volunteers like them, we would not be able to do such awesome events for our our students like this memorable day!

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