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West Pictou Consolidated Halloween Costume Swap!

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On Friday, October 14th, Madame Brown’s Green Team at West Pictou Consolidated School hosted their annual Halloween Costume Swap! Students who brought in a costume got a ticket to choose a different costume to take home. Approximately 45 costumes were brought in, and the Green Team planned to have the event a second time the following week! Engagement Officer Pam popped in to say hello and see the costumes, all virtually through power of technology!

Swapping Halloween costumes is efficient for so many reasons, it saves money by not buying a new costume, it saves resources by having a costume being reused instead of sitting in a closet for years, and this idea does well in a variety of environments. From schools to workplaces, as well as groups of friends, and even colleges and universities. Many people have at least one old costumes tucked away, usually after being worn only once.

Great job to the Green Team for organizing and hosting this event!

Did you know that Canadians will spend approximately $1 billion on Halloween this year?! That’s a lot of candy and costumes!

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