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West Pictou Consolidated upcycling for “Make Day”!

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The Green Team at West Pictou is all about upcycling and making their own crafts! The students have collected various bottle caps, string, pop tabs, beads, and more for their “Make Day”. The latest thing they collected are the plastic tabs that seal in a new bottle of deodorant. Check out the pictures and video below to see some of the neat things the team came up with during their lunch time meeting!

As well, check out this video of Green Team members Alyssa and Olivia who did 11 classroom presentations about the importance of supporting bees! They referenced the Bring Back The Bees website ( for their project. They also encouraged students to build a pollinator garden this summer. The Garden Green Team plans to upcycle old tires, paint them yellow, and plant flowers in them for the bees!

Looking for another great idea for plastic bottle caps? Check out these Plastic Cap Wind Chimes:

Also, don’t forget to visit our Green Schools Pinterest account for other great DIY crafts and activities:

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