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“What can I do to reduce my energy consumption?” Ideas inspired by History Before Electricity Presentation

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In the last few weeks, Green School Engagement Officers have been virtually visiting many schools across Nova Scotia. One presentation called History Before Electricity has been given to over 16 classrooms.

Today I want to share one classroom’s writings. After the Google Hangout was over, I left them with a challenge: “Pick ONE way to use less energy today.”

Nick Jeffreys’ grade 5/6 class at Petite Riviere Elementary School was up for the challenge. Mr Jeffrey gave the students time to consider what they learned about how we lived in the past without electricity and how we live now with electricity.

Each student put fingers to iPads and wrote about their one way (well, some wrote two ways) to use less energy. The answers covered many great ideas and many were inspired by the ways we lived before electricity. It is invigorating to see how one virtual presentation can inspire so much action and exploration across Nova Scotia.

I will let their writing tell the rest of the story… check out the photos of each student’s writing.

If you want to know more about the presentation and its guessing game, take a look at this recent news story by Shandel Brown.

If you want to learn more about Petite Riviere Elementary School, read the story about their journey to schoolyard chickens.

~Natalie McMaster
Engagement Officer

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