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What is an LED light bulb anyways?

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I am sure you’ve heard the name before, LED Light Bulb, but what does that even mean? And does it really save you that much money? Well let’s take a closer look. First off, LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LEDS began back in the 1960’s, they were very expensive when they first hit the market, as the technology in them was very advanced for those times. As the years went on, they became less expensive and more realistic for the working class. LEDS also had huge advantages over lightbulbs like Incandescents because they lasted longer, used less energy, safer, and they were physically stronger than glass incandescents.

The energy savings on LEDS are huge! In the chart below you can see how much energy you really save using these efficient products. Now, there is also a lightbulb called a CFL, these bulbs are second in energy efficiency, however they have their downsides. They aren’t as safe, don’t last as long, and you don’t save as much money and energy as you could with LEDS. If you call Efficiency Nova Scotia, you can get all these LED lights installed in your home for FREE, helping you save energy and money!

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