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Why joining Green Schools is beneficial to schools across the province

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The 2018-2019 school year brought 30 new Green Schools from across the province. Many schools realise the importance of the program and the benefits that come with being part of the vibrant  Green Schools’ community.

From speaking speak directly with the Principal’s of new schools, such as Principal David Emin at Bel Ayr elementary and Principal John Fry at George Bissett; we learnt a lot about why they felt having the program in their school was beneficial. Below are the most common reasons:

It meets the curriculum for all grade levels.  Teachers get to have someone with knowledge on the topic come in and talk to the students about what they would be learning about during the year that supports important outcomes for the students.

It is Free! Most schools have a budget and so sometimes it proves difficult to have presenters come in, due to the costs associated. However Green Schools is completely free and so taking advantage of such a resource in all schools is essential.

Engagement Officers provide different levels of need for all the schools. Some of the new schools really appreciate the pace the program moves at, as there is no pressure to “sprint” from the onset. All EOs ensure that they move at the school’s pace and provide whatever the school requires, whether it is just the engagements once a year, or resources such as grant information, or supporting their Green Teams.

The youth are the future leaders, and when they learn something new, they take it home to their families who are more likely to listen to their children when it comes to behavior change.

It is so easy for a school that is interested in becoming a Green School here in Nova Scotia to do so. If you would like more information, please reach out to your local Engagement Officer.

~Ruvi Mugara


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