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Ecole du Sommet student did a project on our EO

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On March 28th, I visited Ecole du Sommet.  I visited students that are GS veterans, meaning they were very knowledgeable on energy and energy efficiency.  We played Energy Jeopardy to give the class an opportunity to show what they learned during our last Virtual Engagement. 

We also made connections between energy waste and the waste we see in our oceans.   We talked about how important it is to waste less even when we cannot see our waste, for example with energy waste. 

The students were passionate about the ocean, I shared videos on the impact single use plastics has on our planet and marine life. We discussed the energy used and emissions released due to the production of this material.  Students made connections on how energy efficiency and wasting less in general helps the planet in various ways, that almost everything is very interconnected.

Another highlight was a project one of the grade 6 students did about me. Earlier in the year the student sent me interview questions for me to answer, and he used my responses for his project on role models. He was asked to talk about someone that inspired him and he chose me! I’m so pleased to learn we inspire the future leaders of tomorrow. 

Such a great visit at Ecole du Sommet, and I look forward to connecting with the grade 8s very soon!

~ Kelsey Brasil

Engagement Officer

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